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7%e Kr5^ Day are a 3-piece that live in Vancouver, 
but were originally from Cambridge, which is a 
scene west of Toronto. The band is made up of 
Scott (S) on drums, Brett (B) on guitar, and Jeff 
(J) on bass. I first read about the FIRST DAY in 
the May edition of the demo reviews in MRR, in 
which they were describes as sounding very much 
like NO MEANS NO. I haven 't heard that of any 
bands, so I wrote them and they sent a CD. The 
influence is there and it is obvious, as you will 
read in the interview, but thankfully their songs 
don 't come with all the drawn out baggage that 
NO MEANS NO were also known for. To me, the 
FIRST DAY have improved on this sound. Here 
is a transcript of an interview with the band from 
the radio show on Sunday, June 21st, when they 
were touring out this way. 

How did FIRST DAY form ? 

S: We used to all play in a band called BUN and 

that was about 4 years ago and we were based out 

of Cambridge at the time. I had lived in Vancouver 

previously so I wanted to go back and we went 

back and got rid of one other guy and we decided 

to start fresh and this is what happened. 

How did you all meet there ? 

B: I played in a band called GROUND with Scott, 

like 6 or 7 years ago. 

J: And I was actually in the original band called 

BUN with 4 other members. 

S: And we weren*t originally in BUN, he's (Jeff) 

the original.... 

J: ...and the other guy that we got rid, he was an 

original member, too. 

B: ...but just all being musicians in Cambridge, we 

all knew each other. 

S: Yeah, like the first time I ever saw Jeff was at 

a party at my house and he had really long hair. 

And was BUN a punk rock band ? 

B: Yeah, it was like a melodic punk rock band. 

J: A new school punk rock band. 

Was there a lot of punk rock bands from 

Cambridge ? 

B: There was all sorts of bands, metal bands, punk 

bands, noise bands,.... 

S: We have got to give a shout out to Cambridge, 


So what was the initial idea behind...well 

maybe you can tell us how come you moved 

back to Vancouver ? I guess you were in 

Vancouver for a little bit. 

S: Yeah, I moved out there. Generally, I didn't 

want to stay in Southern Ontario and convinced 

everyone to move out there on this crazy ordeal 

and I can't believe everyone did it. 

Yeah, I was going to ask what was that like, 

uprooting yourselves to do music ? 

B: It was great. 

J: I quit a job of 5 years. 

That is a big deal. How are you finding it 

out in Vancouver ? 

B: Musically it's good. The only problem is that 

there is no all ages scene that we know of. Maybe 

it is just non-existent to us, but the bar scene is 


S: Yeah, there is not a huge all ages scene and it is 

pretty much the same few people doing the same 

type of shows, so we don't get to play too many 

all ages shows. 

Who do you play with out there ? 

S: We play with tons of bands, but stand out bands? 

Yeah, I am trying to figure out who is good, 

who we should be listening for ? 


S: The GOALERS are good. The AGE AND EASE 



S: ASSERTION is good. I don't know who else 

comes to mind. Maybe the scene is not so good. 

B: There is just so many bands, every night of the 

week it seems. 

When you guys decided to start a new band, 

what was the initial idea behind the sound, 

what were you trying to do with.... 

B: Just basically play whatever the hell we wanted 

to because in BUN, Scott and I weren't original 

members so any songs that we kind of write, we 

wrote to the style of BUN, so then when BUN 

was no longer we all did whatever. Whatever riffs 

you have just play whatever and it just ended up 

being aggressive because we are all angry little 


J: We tried to stay original, too. Of course, we 

didn't want to sound like anybody else. Or really 

pidgeon-hole ourselves into a sound even though 

we can't really... 

B: I don't think we have ever denied ourselves of 

any riffs... 

S: ...but BUN was more of a genre band, although 

it was pretty original, too. 

Who do you consider influences on FIRST 

DAY in terms of music ? What do you listen 

to, is more or less the question, which 

translates into what comes out as a FIRST 

DAY song. 

B: That's hard to say because now I listen to 

mostly music that isn't in the style of what we 

play, so... 

What do you consider influences on your 

sound ? 

B: For sure NO MEANS NO I would say is an 

influence, but I don't know if that's because 

everyone says that all the time or because I 

actually think that. 

S: It's probably the only band that we all like. 

Well we all like some other bands, but we all like 


J: They are the Canadian band of choice. 

Did you like them before you moved out 

west ? 

S: I liked them. I saw them play at the Rivoli in 

'89 or something like that. 

I saw that show. 

S: That was the "Wrong" tour. That was amazing. 

I had never heard of them before. 

That was the last NO MEANS NO record I 

ever listened to. 

B: I don't feel that my guitar sound comes from 

that style of music, though. 

S: It is kind of funny because people do compare 

us to them, but I don't think that we sound like 

them at all. There might be a certain fusion 

J: There must be something about the way we 


I think there is a couple of things and I 

have been trying to figure out what it was 

that reminded me of NO MEANS NO in your 

sound, and this is what it was. This is my 

thoughts on it and I am sure that others 

have given you their opinion on the matter. 

S: We get VOIVOD, too. 

Yeah, well there is some metal. You can 

hear some riffing. 

S: Oh yeah, these guys (Jeff and Brett) are 


J: I grew up on IRON MAIDEN. 

B: We were listening to the new SLAYER album 

and that was pretty wicked. 

There you go, now we are starting to get 

into the influences, but in terms of the 

guitar sound I do hear the early Andy Kerr, 

from NO MEANS NO. It is really raw like 

that. But I also hear the NEOs, which is a 

band from Victoria, and I almost think that 

it is a sound that is west coast a little bit 

even though you guys are essentially from 

here. And then I started thinking, did they 

move out there because they wanted to be 

like these BC bands....but it sounds very 

much like a traditional island, not 

mainland, but island BC sound. 

B: I have never heard of the NEOs, man. 

They are a band from 1981-'82. They were 

around slightly before NO MEANS NO and 

they were more hardcore. But you also have 

a jazz structure, the way you play off pieces 

in terms of different structures in your 

songs. You can tell there is a lot of musical 

education going on. You are pulling 

Brett, guitarist for First Day 

influences from everything. That's where 
the NO MEANS NO references come from. 

S: I can see that. 

B: It has something to do with the technicality. 
I hear other things, too and that's why I am curious 
to know exactly because I am hearing BAD 
BRAINS riffs, and I am hearing other things.... 
S: I like BAD BRAINS. 

So my question again, which I am not going 
to let you off the hook, where are you pulling 
your influences from ? 
S: I like BAD BRAINS. I like FUGAZI a lot. I 
grew up listening to noise music in the early 90's 
like just chaos, you know like Japanese crazy music 
and even like TRUMAN's WATER, bands like 
that, so I don't know if that .... I was into a lot of 
that stuff. 

J: I grew up listening to many different genres. I 
had the metal through the early teens. VENOM 
and all that jazz. Good hardcore metal. SLAYER 
and everything. Then I kind of went over 
tc.somebody introduced me to classic rock, which 
I never listened to. ZEPPELIN, CREAM and all 
that. So I listened to that for 2 or 3 years. Then 
my girl introduced me to punk rock. DAYGLOS, 
Then I decided punk rock is where it's at and 
Where's it's always going to be. Then there was 
crossover with SUICIDAL and DRI and all that 

B: VICTIM'S FAMILY is one band that guitar 
wise, I really like that guitar player's style. So 
that could be one of them for sure 
Wow, that's amazing. No one ever talks about 

B: I think I am one of the only guys around that 
talks about VICTIM'S FAMILY. 
Yeah, I'll talk about them, but I have no one 
to talk to about them. 

B: We'll have to exchange numbers and talk about 
VICTIM'S FAMILY over the phone. 
What have other people said about your 
sound ? 

S: NO MEANS NO, VOIVOD comes aoumd 
J: Someone told us one time that we were a cross 
no that was SLAYER and PIGMENT VEHICLE. 
S: I guess it is just a mix between the more complex 
music and hardcore or thrash or metal. I think 
more like 80's thrash and the like ... 
J: Math-core. 

S: Yeah, like bands that are a little more. 
See the things is that I have heard math- 
core thrown around, but you guys aren't 
stale like that. Math-core can be so 
complicated that it is not listenable. 
B: Oh, well we try to rock. 
It comes through. I think that is what makes 
you guys different. Do you do any covers at 
all ? 

B: We have always talked about doing a cover but 
everytime it comes up we just can't agree. 
It takes a lot of energy to learn one, but if 

there was a cover that you would do what 
would it be ? 

B: Well me and Scott were talking about doing a 

Thelonius Monk tune called "While you 

needn't" and we thought if we played it in our 

style it would sound really cool. It is a good 


S: We also talked about doing that NO MEANS 

NO tune and a DRI cover, but we have never 

done it. Every once in a while, off the cuff, we 

will do a cover if the situation arises. 

B: We actually played a GG ALLIN song one 

time just because someone yelled it out and we 

don't normally play covers but we were lets just 

play a GG AUin song just because someone yelled 

it out, so we did. 

J: Just to throw everybody off. 

S: We did something pretty cool. The first time 

we played Cambridge, 2 years ago, there was 

people from old Cambridge bands there and we 

played three old Cambridge band covers of bands 

that didn't exist anymore. 

B: We played some STOMPIN' TOM on the 

road, too. We played the "Hockey Song" 

S: ...but no, we don't do covers. 

B: No we don't have any influences. Oh 

SLAYER. We don't do covers, oh we play this 

and that. We're just a bunch of liars. 

The truth comes out. You don't always 

think about it >vhen you are being asked 

something. Can you tell me about the CB- 

R release. That's a self release ? 

S: Yeah 

When was it recorded ? 

B: Last year in the spring of 2001. 

And why did you do it yourself ? 

J: Because it was free. 

B: Cheap, the only way we could do it. A friend 

of ours recorded it for us for free at recording 

college so it was kind of like a project at school 

and it became a CD for us. I mean he put a lot of 

work in to it. I am happy with it. 

J: He put in something like 40 or 50 hours on it. 

It shows. Have you gotten rid of many of 

them ? Are they getting out there ? 

B: Yeah, how many have we had to.... 

J: Well we started out with 250 and then we got 

another box of 100 ... 

B: we have probably sold like ... 

S: ....and this year we have gone around to all 

thd university radio stations and dropped them 

off. We're our own worst enemy in terms of 

promoting our band. We always forget to do 

things like that. It's a good idea. 

There is more important things to do 



extension of the weekly radio show heard on 
CIUT 89.5 FM every Sunday nights from 
10:00pm 'til midnight (Hosts: Jonah Falcx), 
Martin Parkas, Simon Harvey, Stephe Perry, 
and Mark Rodenhizer). 

The show dedicates itself to the 
underground hardcore punk scene. There is a 
particular emphasis on International releases in 
the developing thrash, power violence, straight 
edge, grind, burning spirits, garage, chaos punk, 
and Killed By Death scenes, which means we 
play material like the E.T.A., Yacopsae, Minor 
Threat, Headless Horsemen, Bombast, the 
Reds, No Control, and the Nubs. 

There is a weekly demo feature (paying 
homage to the cassette format), weekly event 
listings, and a monthly top 10 retrospective look at 
new releases. 


CIUT 89.5 FM 

Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight 

91 St. George Street. 

Toronto, ON 

M5S 2E8 


Request Line: (416) 946-7000 




CIUT 89.5 FM - 

"Equalizing Distort" 



10 Hardcore Releases 


for August 2002 




1. Runnamucks 

On the Brink 



2. Deadstare / Far Left Limit 




3. Stupid Babies Go Mad 

Kichigai & Knife 


No Sense 

4. The Prowl 

What are you doing ? 



5. Crucial Unit 



de la mente 

6. Let It Bum 

This is the Sound 



7. Far From Breaking 

Made My Choice 


Third Party 

8. Inepsy 

See You in Hell 



9. Cwill 




10. Virus 

Nowhere to Hide 



Equalizing Distort can be heard every 


night on CIUT 89.5 FM at 10:00 pm. The top 10 

countdown can be heard in 

its entirety, complete with previews of the picks 

and analysis on the 

previous month in hardcore, on the last Sunday of the month. 


B: Yeah, like the other night we just didn't charge 

cover because nobody wanted to work at the door 

and there was like 150 people in the place. We 

could have made so much money. We were like, 

oh we will just pass a hat and then we didn't even 

do that. 

Are you working on new material ? 

S: We wanted to record before we hit the road. 

B: We have got almost an album's worth of new 

material, already. 

Is there someone going to put it out or are 

you going to do it yourselves again. 

B: If someone wants to put it out we would ... 

S: We have never solicited anybody, but I think 

we might do it this time. We are going to try and 

get a better recording even though that (referring 

to the CD-R) is a totally good recording. It is the 

first one that I have ever been happy with. I 

think we are going to try to.... 

B: Either that or try and get our own distribution 


S: Whatever, we don't really care too much about 

it. We might just do it ourselves. 

Is there any....iike I remember there being 

a couple of distribution places out in 

Vancouver. Like not distribution places but 

there was a couple of kids who ran distros 

and mailorders and stuff. 

B: Yeah, there is some record stores that do that 

in Vancouver. 

What do you sing about in terms of lyrics ? 

B: Partying. Wahooo. (lots of laughter) Drinking 


What are some of your song titles and how 

do they reflect the lyrics ? 

S: Pretty much me and Brett write most of the 

lyrics and it is not 100%, .... 

I saw Jeff singing one. 

S: Yeah. It is not 100%, but usually when he 

(Brett) is singing he wrote those words and usually 

when I am singing I wrote those words, although 

it is not a cut and dry thing, so I don't know. I 

think we have a pretty interesting dynamic going 


J: We sing about 

"society", just generally 

what happens within 


S: Every single song I 

wrote about is about the 

exact same thing. 

B: We can give you all 

sorts of things. We have 

one song that is just 

kind of, childish, but it 

is just about how pissed 

off I was when I didn't 

get my student loan. 

The ^'Student Assistance program" ? 

B: Yep. It's kind of adolescent, but 

It's funny because I have never heard anyone 

sing about it (the Student Assistance 

program), aud yet it is such a common source 

of frustration for a lot of kids going into 

university and post-secondary school. I know 

people who have lots of beefs about it. 

J: You wait for 6 months before you got your 

first installment. You were half done school. 

It's a common story. Tell me about the 

meaning behind the song *'AI1 Day I Dream 

about punk rock". 

B: That's because I saw a BAD RELIGION poster 

in Vancouver and I just noticed that they are just 

Mr. Politically Correct crap, fuckin' saying that 



Jeffi bassist for First Day 

Scott's shoes, drummer for First Day 

everythin' sucks and I saw a poster for their show 
in Vancouver and it was 30 bucks and I just 
thought "That is bullshit". A band that sings songs 
about how all this corporate crap is so corrupt 
and they are exactly the same thing. BAD 
RELIGION with their . 
big record label and 
playing shows for 30 
bucks when all their 
fans are kids who don't 
have 30 bucks, right. 
That's where that song 
came from. And the 
"All Day I Dream about 
Punk Rock" is from 
that ad for Addidas. 
That's where that came 

The song "Rent-a-Cop" is that inspired by 
any particular incident ? 
B: When I was a kid, skateboarding, you know, 
getting kicked out by the cops for being a kid. 
That's what that songs is about, totally. 
By the security guards, rent-a-cops. Who 
wrote the song "Why I Quit drinking" ? 
S: That one is mine. 
Did you quit drinking ? 
S: Yeah I did quit drinking. 
But is it about drinking because it doesn't 
seem like it from the lyrics. 
S: It is not necessarily about drinking. It's more 
like about....geez that's a crazy one.. ..yeah I think 
a lot of people might misinterpret that one. That 
song is totally about violence against women, 

Yeah, that's what I understood it to be and 
sometimes that is associated with substance 
abuse and not even sure if that's what the 
meaning behind the song is, but... 
S: I am also just associating.... I was going through 
a period where I was associating drinking with 
escapism and people like working all week and 
then just drinking and not caring about anything 
that goes on around them, you know. Being total 
conformist and getting drunk. Like working all 

week and not saying 
anything or caring 
about anything and 
then on the weekend 
it is oblivious, right, so 
I don't know how it 
really tied in, but ... 
B: .... Scott drinks 
again (m a whisper). 
S:...yeah back 'on the 
wagon' or is it *off the 

*Off the wagon'. 
S: So we actually have 
a song called, well it's not on the CD but it's 
called "Why I Started Drinking". And I wrote 
that one too. 

What is.. ..I am going to ask each of you 
about your favourite FIRST DAY song from 
a lyrical standpoint and why ? 
Brett: My favourite song is a new one that is not 
on the CD. It's called "Politically Correct Self- 
Righteous Disease". The reason why it is my 
favourite lyrically is beacsue it is probably the 
best lyrics I think I have ever written, so far, well 
they are just my favourite right now.. ..and it is 
mostly to do with the flow and the melody of the 
words that I am singing. 

It is almost that the reason why you like it 
is because it works well from a rhyming 


J: I don't sing half the songs so I don't know all 

the words.... 

Yeah, you are at a disadvantage here. 

J: I am at a total disadvantage. 

i___i__u __m_tf \,, ,u ^* there something 

^^^g -rs that might.... 

J: We have a couple of 
fun songs that aren't 
on the CD that I enjoy. 
I do like the words to 
"Death Threat". 

That's a choice punk 
rock song. That's not 
on the CD and we 
rarely play it, but.... 
What's it about ? 


J- ™ 

J: It starts out, "The government.. .die, the 

banks.. .die, the police.. ..die, the companies.. .die. 

Yes, this is a death threat." 

B: It is a little adolescent punk rock ditty about 

killing the government and killing the cops and 

then you know. It could be a total sing-a-long 

anthem type tune. 

J: It's fun to sing. 

S: I think I like all the words to all the songs. I 

can't pick a favourite. If I have to pick a 

favourite, all say the words to the song "Fuck 

America", but I think I would almost like to 

change it because you should include Canada, too, 

but I was thinking why name that song and you 

think it is going to be all "fuck you, fuck you", 

but it's not at all. If you just read the words, you 

probably wouldn't be able to guess that that was 

the title. It was after the old Sept 11th crap and 

I was just kind of freaking out and it is just basically 

about any sort of system of authority, you know 

what I mean. It doesn't have to be America. But 

they are "the" emblem of all that, so I think the 

words are pretty good. They are subtle and the 

title is not. 

What do you hope to accomplish as a band ? 

B: Fame and fortune (everyone starts laughing). 

J: I want an apartment. 

B: What we are doing right now for me is 

accomplishment. Just being on the road, playing 

tunes I like with people I have been playing with 

for a long time and like playing with. That's the 


S: We just want to keep playing better shows, I 


B: Just progressing as a band. The crazier our 

songs get then the better it is. 

S: We just want to play as much as we can and 

keep it at a real level, obviously. 

How can people get in touch with you if 

they want to get a copy of your CD or.... 

B: They can go to our website at You could write to me at 2224 

Trinity Street, Apt. #101 / Vancouver, BC / V5L 

ICl and you can get a CD. And if you mailed 

something to us saying that you wanted to get a 

CD we'd probably give it to you for free, I'm 


But it would be good to trade or 


B: But if someone hears us and likes us enough to 

mail us something and heard this radio show and 

actually got the address they deserve a free CD. 

Are there any last comments ? 

B: Where's the beer ? 

The Runnamucks are a S-piece from Casselberry, 
Florida, which is a suburb of Orlando. The trio 
take unmistakable influences from bands like 
GANG GREEN and the NEOs and when they 
said they might be in the area I was more than 
happy to have them play on the radio show. The 
played here on Monday April 15th. but we weren 't 
able to get this recording on-air until August 
4th. Here is a transcript of our conversation. 


^ ^CSDOWnTOWN ??. 

Where is Casselberry Florida ? Are you 
near any other scenes in Florida ? If so, 
who are the bands that you play with ? 

Mike (M): Right next to Orlando, Florida. 

Is there a scene in Orlando? 


Josh (J): Well kind of. There is a bunch of 

shitty bands around there. What do we have 

around there ? 


J: No SPIT VOWS, a really good ska band. I 

don*t know, there is nothing around there. 

So what do you guys do for shows in 

terms of playing ? Do you guys ever 

play any shows or do you go to another 

scene ? 

M: We go to another city. We play Brandon 

a lot. 

J: Yeah, we play at Sound Idea in Brandon. 

For a while there was a really cool, like 

really trashy bar that we would play at all 

the time, that 12 year old kids could get 

away with drinking at probably, but that 

didn't last too long. It was called Rumours 


Who is in the band and what do you play ? 

M: Mike Quinan, bass. 

Mat (Mt): Mat Greaven, drums. 

J: Joshua Dobbs, guitar. 

And have any of you played in bands prior 

to the RUNNAMUCKS ? 

M: First time band for all of us. 

How did the RUNNAMUCKS form ? 

J: Me and Mike were 15 and I met him in gym 

class when I was a freshman in high school and I 

had always been trying to write songs and stuff 

like that and I had been getting right into punk 

rock - BLACK FLAG and stuff like that - and 

basically we just started going over to each other's 

houses and writing a bunch of garbage, basically 

and then Mike had known Mat since they were in 

kindergarten together and one day me and Mike 

were trying to play some crappy song - it was our 

first song that we wrote called "I Can't Wait to 

Get Old" - there was this snare drum in the comer 

of the room - and Mat just played along on the 

snare - and then after that Mat got a drum set and 

then we... 

M: We made him pester his dad to buy him one. 

Mt: Yeah. He is still disappointed that he bought 

me it. 

J: And that's when this slop began. 

Where did the name RUNNAMUCKS come 

from ? 

J: I was just trying to think of stupid names with 

an "A" in it that you could maybe make an 

anarchy sign with {lots of laughter), and then 

Mike - come on I was 15 man - but then Mike 

said that was lame and so I lost that one, but then 

Mike's mom thought it was a clever name. She 

thought it was real cute. So we kept it. 

Who do you consider influences for the 

RUNNAMUCKS sound ? I was reading all 

kinds of things on your website, but there 

are some things that are obvious. Who do 

you consider influences ? 

M: When we started we just listened to BLACK 

FLAG and NIRVANA and stuff like that and I 

don't know. We Ustened to RO.D. and the NEOs 

and DRI and stuff like that. 

J: And MINOR THREAT Stuff like that. 


I hear a lot of GANG GREEN in your stuff, 

especially with the drumming parts and how 

fast you play. You have that avalanche sound 

where it sounds like everything is 

destroying at an escalating pace, right. 

M: We really just started playing like that because 

we didn't know how to play originally. We just 

tried to play as fast as we could. 

J: Yeah, it's weird; We never heard,... 


say ? 

M: Thrash 

J: Yeah, I would just say thrash. People with any 

kind of brains on their shoulders would say that 

we sound like DRI or GANG GREEN or whatever 

and then other people will say this streetpunk 


Yeah that's fuckin' weird. 

J: You know we were bom on the streets and all, 

but you know.... 

S: I thought you guys were more emo. 

J: Well two of us wear glasses, you know. 

Can you tell me about your releases ? There 

is an ep that hasn*t come out, there is an ep 

that has come out. I have seen the ep that 

has come out. Maybe you could tell us a bit 

about your discography, you know, some of 

the things that you have recorded. 

J:We had a demo in '97 that was really prematurely 

made. It was called "Punk Rock Dirtheads". And 

then later in '97 we tried to make a 7" record. It 

was at this record store and they were doing 

recordings on a 16-track for $10/hour, but the 

dude was too coked up all the time and didn't 

know what the hell he was doing, so lots of 

complications happened that never ended up 

coming out. Then in *98, we recorded again and 

we came out with this ep that was called "My 

Fellow Victims" and then we later re-packaged it 

and we were not really satisfied with it. 

That was initially in a FedEx envelope. 


iVr^^ What was the 
l-H 'J ->M ''-*■■: rfSSn makeshift cov 







isfcC J teAJi?a5flitfy^. J 

Left to Right: Mike, l\/lat, and Josh of the 
Runnamucks backstage at CBGB's 

It seems like it is really tough stuff to play. 

M: We know how to play It a little bit. 

J: What's weird is that we never heard of any 

kind of bands like that. It was just all Mat could 

do was alternate on the kick and snare and play 

the one-two beat and then like it just got faster 

and faster and then I met this kid, Jason, and 

then he was like "Oh man, you guys sounds like 

early 80 's thrash" and he played me DRI and 

GANG GREEN and all this other stuff and that 

was kind of disappointing to hear that it had 

already been done to some effect, but hey it's 

good stuff. 

Have other people described your sound ? 

What have you heard from other people ? 

How do other people describe you ? 

Simon (S): Street Punk. 

J: (Starts laughing and says facetiously) Yeah, a 

lot of people say it's street punk. It's that street 

punk sound. 

M: {cracking up) Yeah it's kind of like the 


Well if someone was to come up to you and 

ask you what do you sound like, what would 

you tell them, especially somebody from 

the scene...somebody who might know 

something about hardcore, what would you 

J: Yeah, it was in a FedEx sleeve. 

deal with that ? Was it a 
cover and then you changed 
the cover or....? 

J: That was the real cover. 

M: We couldn't get anyone to distro it or 


J: Yeah, nobody would distro it with that 

packaging and then I just didn't like the insert 

stuff anymore and we just forgot about that. 

S: That was a good record though. I remember 

Stephe playing it on the radio show. 

Yeah I loved it. 

J: Thanks. 

But then you re-did it. 

J: We just re-did the cover. We never... we 

were real slackers. We still have a bunch of 
those things. That was from '99 that it got 
pressed. Actually we played our show where we 
released this thing and we didn't play again for 
like 6 months. But then the newest CD is called 
"On The Brink" and we recorded that in May of 
last year. That's our best release, {switches to a 
deep salesman voice) But the upcoming stuff is 
even better. 

I was reading on your website that you guys 
have a 4-track. You don't do all your 
recordings on that because your recordings 
sound really good. 
J: Yeah, just the demo is on the 4-track. 
The releases up until now have been your 
own releases. They are DIY releases. How 
come you stick to doing your own stuff. I 
mean it seems like you could be out on some 
bigger labels. 

M: We just can't get on any labels. We are really 
sick of doing it all. 

J: It's cool but it is a real pain in the ass. It is cool 
to try and distro your stuff, but I don't have very 
much patience for it anymore, after sending out 
tons of stuff and never getting any responses or 
people just saying... 

It is a lot of work. I mean you have to be 
really committed to it, but if you are doing 

The Runnamucks in a subway car. 

music as well, it kind of takes you away 
from writing music and wliatever else. 

J: Our setting up of this whole tour that we just 

did, I was like a slave to the computer for two 

months. I barely got to play guitar. Just so we 

could go out for 6 weeks. But this is our first tour. 

S: Have you played any big shows ? 

J: We got to play with MUNICIPAL WASTE a 

couple of times. And they are a shredding band. 

We got to play with FAT DAY from Boston. 

Oh yeah, what was that like ? 

J: They are awesome. 

Amazing band. 

Mt: The 


J: Yeah some stupid ska 


Your new recording, 

does it have a name 

? Is it going to come 

out soon ? Are you 

working on 

recording ? 

M: We got like half the 


So your still writing ? 

M: It'll probably be another 6 months or so. 

Mt: Yeah, we*re slackers. 

J: It is going to be called "Of a Different Breed" 

whenever it comes out. 

Can you explain to us the concept of 

"pizzaterian" ? It seems to be something 

that our radio show follows pretty strictly, 

but I am just checking the rules to see what 

they are. 

J: Well it is just that you have to eat pizza 


M: Every single day. 

Mt: EVERY single day. 

In terms of lyrics, what are some of the 

things you sing about ? 

J: I sing about the working class {loads of 

laughter), the street punk, how punks not dead. 

Naw, I don't know I just sing about wankers, no I 

just sing about the stuff that pisses me off. You 

know personal stuff, just whatever. 

What are some of your song titles that might 

reflect some of the things you sing about? 

J: "The Take" and "33rd Street Blues" that is a 

song about me and Mike committing grand theft 

and then going to jail for it and that was pretty 


Is it a real story ? 

J: Yeah, it's a true story. 

What happened ? 

J: Well me and Mike, we went into a Warehouse 

Music and we just went out with armloads of CDs. 

We ran away and then there was this girl that was 

our getaway driver and she did a really bad job so 

we ended up.. ..somebody saw the licence plate 

number and then we got turned in. 

M: Yeah there was 3 of us and we each had 15 

CDs a piece, so they put them all together and 

counted it as grand theft. So we all got grand 

theft charges. 

J: We got away with it once before in Atlanta, so 

we got cocky. We were like "Oh we can do this 

again". I don't steal anymore. It is just a bad idea. 

Other songs. There is a song called "Grow Some 

Fucking Balls". It's about this kid that called the 

cops on Mike - this is another law story - he 

called the cops on Mike because Mike pointed a 

BB Gun at him and the kid called the cops and 

told them it was a real gun and Mike got throw in 

jail for that. 

Holy shit. How many times have 

you guys been in jail ? 

J: Just once for me and a couple of times 

for Mike. 

Mt: Once for me. 

What's your story ? 

Mt: Paraphanalia. 

J: Yeah, this guy is a hippy. 

I'm gonna ask maybe if each of you 

could tell me what your favourite 

RUNNAMUCKS song is from a 

lyrical standpoint 


and why ? Do 
guys know 
what he 

sings about 


M: I do. 
Mt: I really 
don't pay 
attention to what he 
sings about, {laughter) 
M: Probably 
"The Take" 
and "33rd 

Street Blues". 

Mt: Yeah. 

J: My favourite one is this one is called 

"Of a Different Breed" which is like 

one of the newer ones that we made. 

It's not out oji anything yet. It is just 

about how people... I feel it is about our band 

basically and about us getting together and how 

when I was like 15, 1 was pretty much felt alone 

and then I meet these other guys who 

seemed to have the same viewpoint on 

things and even still it seems like we are 

set apart from everybody else. You go 

to shows and everybody else looks at us 

like we are... We showed up at places 

and people.. .your stereotypical fuckin' 

mohawk people are taking a look at us and are 

like "Who the hell are these guys ?", but then we 

will play and they will look at us 

differently after that. 

M: It's kind of about street punks 

{laughter). That's my favourite one. It's 

just about our band basically and not 

being like everybody else. Fuck 

everybody else. 

You guys seem to be set apart from 

your local scene or whatever. Some 

of the stories on your website about like 

smearing shit on yourselves and basically 

having people stand off from you 

J: Yeah, that will set you apart from 

other people alright. 

It can earn you a reputation, I think. 

But is that also the same 

musically... .you sound amazing in 

terms of a renaissance thrash kind 

of a band. I don't know but it doesn't 

sound like anybody is doing that kind of 

stuff down from Florida. It doesn't sound 

like you have had much luck hooking up 

with some of these bands, but yet I 

know they are out there. 

S: I would have thought that Bob Suren 

would be all over you guys. 

J: He puts on really good shows for us. 

He's a cool dude. 

So there is a little bit of support, 

maybe ? 

J: Oh yeah, there is support. 

M: Not in Orlando, but Sound IdeUy 

OTOPHOBIA are from down 
we have never played with them. 

am trying to figure out where you 
guys fit in. 

J: We don't, that's the problem. Against 
All Authority dude, that's the stuff. 
M: Shister. 
Maybe as a summing comment, what 

do you guys hope to accomplish as a band, 

in general, or just have fun ? 

M: Take over the world, {laughter) Bring 

pizzaterianism to all. 

Mt: Yeah, I am with that one. And break 

even with our DIY releases, {more 


J: Well I just wanna live the rock and roll 

lifestyle. I would like to make more 

people you know... going out and playing and 

touring around it seems like it has opened some 
people's eyes that there is still music with 
energy out there and I would like to let 
people know that and then just ...I would 
like to try and make people realize that 
they can do things on their own. They 
don't have to follow the certain way 
things are done in terms of music. I just 
wanna make other people have fun in 
doing it. Get people to let loose, fuckin' 

jump in the circle pit - even though nobody does 

that anymore - 

Yeah go nuts. 

S: What do you guys do during spring 
break ? 

J: Spring Break, you know, we get chicks, 
we drink beer off their asses and stuff 
like that, {laughter) Keg stands, beer 
bongs. We go to Daytona beach. 
Jonah: You guys should go play Disney 

World and set up in the parking lot. 

J: That would be good. That is the best part about 
Orlando - Disney World. 
Mt: You always have to ride "It's a Small 
World", {laughter) 

J: Not that they are paying us to say this 
or anything like that {more laughter) 
How can people get in touch with 
The RUNNAMUCKS ? It seems a 
shame that people don't know more 
about you, you really are an 

unrecognized talent. 

J: You can go to something I 

always swore that we would never make, but ended 
up happening in this high-tech age. That 
is 2 "n's" - r-u-n-n-a-m-u-c-k-s or my 
address is 810 S. Winter Park Drive / 
Casselberry, FL / 32707 / USA, baby. 
Are there any last comments, for 
those who might be reading this? 
M: Uh, nope. 

S: Are you guys surrounded by old people? 

J: Yeah there are old people on all sides of us. 

Mt: Yeah when I get back to Orlando, I am 
moving into a retirement community. 

J: I think you want to tell people to turn 
it up. 

Jonah: Get the old people in a circle pit. 
Bring their walkers. 

Yeah, geriatric-core, all the way. 
Thanks for crossing the border and 
speaking with us. 


Antiproduct "The EPs of AP" CD 

Tribal War has compiled all the hard to find stuff 

by ANTIPRODUCT, which makes up most of their 

early material and I have to say I prefer it to their 

full length. All this ep material has way more vitality 

to it. The vocals of Taina remind me of Amy*s 

from NAUSEA and even the guitar sound has a 

distinct NAUSEA feel to it. But I like it way more 

than I ever liked NAUSEA. It isn't as heavy and looming sounding and has 

way more of a hardcore feel to it. There is also a cool booklet that contains 

the band's history done in a chapter format. This is by far a collection of 

the best material that ANTIPRODUCT has done. 

(Tribal War Records / 1951 West Bumside #1936 / Portland, OR / 97209 / 


Brutal Massacre "....survival of the sickest...." 


This is thin sounding and weakly produced, which 

is a testament to their DIY ethics, but then you 

find out that they are a 2-piece and you realize 

that this is quite an accomplishment for them to 

pull off. The singer sounds like the vocalist from 

DISCHARGE at times. But I think this band leans 

more towards crust and grind influences, they just can't quite pull it off. The 

"Meat is Murder" sticker enclosed is so graphic and reminds me of something 

from the ACTIVE MINDS full length. It is very raw sounding, but they 

can't replicate the energy required of such a release, however the potential 

is totally there. 

(Strongly Opposed records / Flurweg 29 / 2504 Biel / Switzerland) 

''if m. " 

Citizens Arrest "A Light in the Distance *88- 

*90" LP 

CITIZENS ARREST were one of the greats to 

come out of the New York City that didn't have 

any direct relationship to some youth crew revival 

or the sketchy skinhead scene. They were a fuckin' 

hardcore band. They grew out of the ABC NO RIO 

scene that spawned greats like BORN AGAINST 

and GO!. DeadAHve compiles their first ep, some 

comp tracks, their demo, and some live radio material. It completely captures 

the vitality of this band. They sound like INFEST meets DYS without the 

edge pre-occupation. Essential for those who have not heard of them and 

even more important for those who have. 

(DeadAlive / P.O. Box 97 / Caldwell, NJ / 07006 / USA) 

Cwill " nations" 10" 

Thundering chug influenced emo-violence from 
this great Swiss band. This recording represents a 
more back to basics version, which translates into 
what people have come to associate with the HIS 
HERO IS GONE sound. At times I hear great riffmg 
like the ACCUSED used to pull off in songs like 
"One Sings". And the violins make yet another 
prominent appearance, this time in a song called "Death Alone" in which 
they create an eariee theremin like effect. Only CWILL can pull this off. 
Overall the music is thick and heavy sounding like a VERBAL ASSAULT 
release, but the vocals have that distorted death metal effect that is so much 
of an emo-violence trait. It is great stuff if you like thick, heavy sounding 
hardcore that can ride a riff and blend it with all the craziness of emo- 
(Prawda Records / Scholastikastr. 24 / CH-9400 Rorschach / Switzerland) 

Deadstare / Far Left Limit split ep 

DEADSTARE tear into some of the most ferocious 

metal inspired hardcore that I have ever heard. As 

their name (NO COMMENT song) suggests there 

is a power violence influence, but they really sound 

like locals the SWARM. The metal riffmg and the 

stretched to the limit hardcore screaming are the 

similarities between the two. But DEADSTARE 

add a lot more speed to their sound. It is like hstening to all the fast songs 

that the SWARM did, which I personally thought 

was their best stuff. The "Jason" hockey mask 

suggests a VOORHEES influence. But of some of 

the more recent comps that I have heard come 

from Australia this material is prevalent. 

Uncompromising extreme-core. FAR LEFT LIMIT 

start with a hilarious satanic sample and they start 

their first song with a lyric ripped from early 

MINOR THREAT ("Did you fuckin' get it ?"). This has great youth crew 

urgency to it while being critical of the genre ("United we Shop"). Pure balls 

and I love them for it. This is important hardcore coming from Australia in 

the same vein as AMDE PETERSEND ARME, DS-13, VITAMIN X, 


(GASH Records / P.O. Box 236 / Blackburn 3130 / Victoria / Australia) 

Defiance "Out of the ashes.... into the dust" CD 

This disk starts out with their "Punk as fuck" sound 

in a hardcore charge. The AUS ROTTEN/BEHIND 

ENEMY LINES dual vocal attack that plays call 

and response on American foreign policy. The 

second song is a pub like chant from the early days 


listening to their last LP, that is pretty much right. 

Thundering politically charged hardcore and pub like brit punk anthems are 

what you get with DEFIANCE. They have pretty much stayed the course. 

And they do both styles very well. They have been around for some time 

now. And they are part of the legendary Portland crust scene that gave rise 

to bands like RESIST and now spawn hundreds of bands and labels of this 

genre. There appears to be an incredible movement developing in the 

Northwest an area once targetted by the white power movement as the site 

of a white nation homeland. I'm glad a resistance movement is building to 

counter it. An army of punks. 

(Punk Core / RO. Box 916 / Middle Island, NY / 11953 / USA) 

Forca Macabre **Nos Tumulos Abertos" LP 

A Finnish band made up of members of 

ARMAGEDOM singing in Portuguese to emulate 

their favourite Brazilian hardcore. This collection 

gathers their first three demos and their first 12". 

The first 2 demos are taken from the actual source 

as you can hear the swirling noise of a well played 

cassette, but fans of Brazilian hardcore won't let 

this detract them. There is a noticeable improvement to the recording as 

you move back in years. FORCA MACABRE play dark and gritty thrash. 

The vocals are big and distanced sounding and sound like they are something 

right out of ol' belzabop's mouth. The drumming is simple 4-4 beats but 

played at a manic pace of someone trying to keep up. There are the blazing 

Japanese guitar solos that come out of nowhere. There are covers of RATOS 

DE PORAO, INOCENTES, and LOBOTOMIA, which may giveaway some 

of their influences, but being a tribute band you would want to wear your 

influences on your proverbial sleeve so this is not a problem. These guys are 

schooled on the finer traditions of early international hardcore and it 


(Angry Records c/o FulvioDogliotti / C.P. 280 15100 Alessandria / Italia 

OR Agipunk c/o Milani Giampiero / C.R 63 27100 Pavia / Italia) 

Hiretsukan "Invasive/ZExotic" CD 

Pummeling metal influenced emo-core in the vein 

of all those great emo-violence bands from Germany 

or even from Oakville like MAHARAHJ or 

SPREAD THE DISEASE. Holy fuck, that's a giri 

singing. She sounds way harsher then the singer 


The ringing guitar with choppy crescendos being 

played underneath a tasmanian devil belching is fuckin' intense. These 

folks are from NYC, I guess emo-violence finally arrived in the big apple. 

They attempt a METALLICA cover. 

(G7 Welcoming Committee / P.O. Box 27006, 360 Main Street Concourse 

/ Winnipeg, MB / R3C 4T3 / Canada) 

In the Clear "Leave this City in Flames" CD 

Spirited and well produced straight edge from the UK, with lyrics focusing 
on staying loyal ("Incision"), staying young ("Another year Dies"), and 
staying positive ("You Tried, You Failed"). This has the big production of 
bands like STAMPIN' GROUND or STRAIN, but the music has a better 

•I'- ^ 


pace - something akin to a crunchier version of -' ' ^ 

MAINSTRIKE (because they do love the "chugg"). 
The band just broke up, but straight edge fans should 
seek this out. ...just avoid the 'Monster Ball" like 

lounge intros on the latter half of this disc this ^ 

is hardcore, not trip-lounge. I think they broke up 
over musical differences. 

(Zandor Records / 145 ~ 149 Cardigan Road / Leeds 
/ LS6 lU / UK) 

Local Oafs "TBA" ep 

Holy lo-fi, batman. This sounds like it was recorded 

on a ghetto-blaster. But it is speedy garage-core (a 

little too fast to be punk). And the singer sounds 

like he's Italian with accentuated words, but really 

he is just trying out his english. There are some 

great catchy moments, which proves production 

isn't everything. And there are 23 fuckin' songs 

on this thing and there are even the song divider grooves between songs 

unlike those shitty ANAL CUNT or SORE THROAT marathons. This is a 

real release with real songs of snotty, scrappy garage played faster than the 

norm. It sounds like the JAM's version of the *l5atman" theme being played 

by a hardcore band through broken speakers. 

(Strandad Sjobuse Records / Hoders Vag 2 / SE-611 50 Nykoping / Sweden) 


Music / Ninja "The Record Player and Me" ep 

Another lo-fi release with some surf and spy 

influences a la the "Peter Gunn" theme school of 

rock, but certainly with more energy and verve. 

MUSIC/NINJA play a country twang influenced 

style of punk similar to that of the DICKS, but 

they have lots of songs which might draw some 

comparisons to the MINUTEMEN. There are 

some drownier songs on side B that sound like the GERMS. Regardless, it 

has that early Texas punk sound, except they are from Sweden. 

(Strandad Sjobuse Records / Hoders Vag 2 / SE-611 50 Nykoping / Sweden) 


Project Hopeless "Overklassen" ep 

What did all the studios burn in Sweden or 

something? This is the third Swedish record I have 

reviewed today with lo-fi production. But PROJECT 

HOPELESS play raw Swedish thrash similar to MOB 

47. A Black and white collage cover, lots of pictures 

of ale (Carlsberg, how Scandinavian ?), and 

mohawks abound. The ABRASIVE WHEELS cover 

of "The punx go marching in" is very appropriate. This is much better than 

the street punk nostalgia tripping that has been happening in North America 

over the last 8 years. 

(Okar Petersson / lycho Brotesgoto4 / 415 17 Gothenburg / Sweden / e- 

mail :trash_oskar@hotmail .com) 

Stupid Babies Go Mad "Kichigai & Knife" ep 

Fuckin' driving Japanese garage-core in the vein 

of early SMASH YOUR FACE or NO SIDE. The 

bass is pulled up in the mix and is played clean and 

fast. Have you heard SMASH YOUR FACE lately ? 

They are not deserving of the Jap-garage title that 

they hold. The real title should go to STUPID 

BABIES GO MAD, not just because they are better, 

but they have been around for as long and this is their fifth ep and they still 

play smokin* music in the HENRY FLVT's OPEN SORE way. They would 

fit in real well with the Wisconsin scene or as the newest Rip Off hot shit. 

(No sense / 58 Preston Ave, / Pittsfield, MA / 01201 / USA) 

^cnn IT iin 
iLHiiii ur 

Tear It Up **Nothing to Nothing" LP 

The long awaited full length by New Jersey's TEAR 

IT UP. A complete rush of manic energy that only 

slows down to spew some FLAG-like venom, but 

every song is laced with crew like back up vocals. 

This is the soundtrack to circle pit pig piling and I 

love that shit. But the best part is that you can get 

behind these lyrics because they don't involve some 

bullshit about staying loyal to the edge or some 

other personal crisis, but instead deal with bigger issues like the ludicrousness 

to the promises behind religion ("I don't ned to be saved"), bigotry ("Frat 

To Hell and Back Demo - featured on the 

August 11th program 

TO HELL AND BACK are a 5 piece from 

Albany. They feature Jim from DEVOID OF 

FAITH on vocals and bass, Matt and Rob from 

JOHN BROWN'S ARMY, Nate Wilson of many 

of those bands, and a girl named Ember who 

plays keyborards. They have an overall heavy 

rocking sound similar to bands like the 


vocals are high pitched and choked out like 

DEVOID OF FAITH. The song "American 

Taliban" has keyboards similar to Iggy Pop's "I 

wanna be your dog". They will be releasing a 7" on Coalition, but it is 

going to be newer material so you better order this. 

(P.O. Box 14253 / Albany NY / 12212 

/ e-mail: 


No Control "Out of Control" Demo - featured 

on the August 18th program 

NO CONTROL are a 3-piece from Moncton, 

New Brunswick. They have that chaos punk 

sound that combines the energy of hardcore. 

It's a hybrid of current hardcore and old school 

UK punk sounds like the CASUALTIES or 

DEFIANCE. The vocalist reminds me of the 

singer from FINAL CONFLICT. And they do 

have a beefed up buzzsaw guitar sound, it just 

sounds like it is in the background. Nothing a 

real studio couldn't fix. This is good stuff And 

there are some live tracks to fill out the rest of the tape which include 

a cover of BAD BRAINS "PMA". 

£18 Wilbur Street / Moncton, NB / EIC 7A5 / Canada) 

Curioso '*Nao tern caminho mas vou per aqui" 

Demo - featured on the August 25th program 

CURIOSO are a 3-piece from Okazaki City, 

Japan. They have a distinctly melodic sound by 

today's standards playing something more akin 

to early Scandinavian power pop. I hear ASTA 

KASK all over this. But I also hear twists and 

quirks a la bands from the Torino Italy like 

CRUNCH. They sing in Portuguese, which is a 

little different and join the ranks of bands like 


in a language other than their native tongue. 

They have a 4 song ep out on Devour Records, 

which was recorded after this demo, so this is a little rougher in production 


(Masaom Nakamura / 5-20 Motokake / Okazaki City / Aichi 444-0016 

/ Japan) 

666 Pack "We're all fucked.. .more or less" demo 

- featured on the September 1st program 

666-Pack are from Sweden and it is noticeable 

with the guitar sound. A classic wall of pulverizing 

heavy distorted guitar. It sounds like 

DISKONTO or SKIT SYSTEM are backing 

them up. But the drumming sets the pace, which 

is quite a lot more quicker than most Swedish 

stuff excluding the current scene of grind being 

boasted by PFC or Sounds of Betrayal. The 

drums are grind speeds, but they are combined 

with the character of a power violence gallop. 

It is unique. The end result is very fast paced and terse sounding traditional 

Swedish hardcore. It's fuckin' ace, especially for the ADD types. Track 

this down. 

(Suck My Tapes Records / Fersikev 24 / 435 43 Plabo / Sweden) 

Boys"), and selling out ("Live Fast, Die Punk"), So when you get on top of 
that pile and the mic comes to you, you will be screaming about shit that 
matters. If there are any saviours in hardcore it is bands like this. If you are 
feeling burned out on the amount of material that this band has already put 
out, you should know that this is their best output yet. They keep getting 
better, which is unusual in hardcore. 
(DeadAlive / P.O. Box 97 / Caldwell, NJ / 07006 / USA) 

Virus, The "Nowhere to Hide" CD 
VIRUS are well known for their brand of fast paced 
Bit punk. Philadelphia street-core. With this re- 
surgence in early hardcore, this scene of early British 
punk is one of the more prolific of our time. And 
VIRUS lead the pack of new school bands. Not 
quite as together as bands like DEFIANCE, but 
what they don't have in tightness and political 
analysis comes through as a scrappy sound and lyrics that are impressionable 
personal accounts. There is a lot of character to this recent VIRUS release, 
which sets them apart from bands like ANTI-FLAG. 
(Punk Core / P.O. Box 916 / Middle Island, NY / 11953 / USA) 

Various Artists "Mie City Hardcore" ep 
Fuck, it seems like it has been forever since MCR 
has done a city comp. I don't know where Mie 
City is in relation to the rest of Japan, but fuck 
does this comp answer with a vengeance. 
CONTRAST ATTITUDE start out with ear- 
piercing buzzsaw guitars, ravenous solos and sloppy 
d-beat. It is great in all it's chaotic glory. ALIVE 
pick up the pace with a more controlled DISCHARGE beat that is faster and 
better played. Easily the best band on this comp. Then DECEIVIj^G 
SOCIETY unleash more chaos that takes a little more time to build. All 
three bands with very similar styles all from the same city. Regional comps 
still have a place in the curent scene, especially if this is any indication of 
their continued calibre. 
(MCR Records / 157 Kamiagu / Maizuru / Kyoto 624-0913 / Japan) 

Various Artists "This is Your Life, Volume 6" 


Comps don't have the same respect in today's 

hardcore scene as they used to. They are difficult 

to organize and they don't seem to have the same 

impact the way comps like the "P.E.A.C.E." comp 

or "Cleanse the Bacteria" did. But great calibre 

comps continue to come out and there are some 

mainstays particularly in Japan that deserve your attention. "This is your 

Life" is one of them. MCR is a label that I grew up knowing for their 7" 

series of Japanese city comps. I had no idea where these cities were 

throughout the various islands that make up Japan, but they were great for 

realizing that there were many city centered scenes. And MCR incorporates 

material from most genres. MCR is one of the best labelsHn Japan. HG Fact 

did the international "No Fate" comps, but MCR does this series which 

showcases new Japanese talent. Dan-Doh has released some triple vinyl 

treasures, but MCR has been able to showcase the current Japanese scene 

like no other label. Volume 6 is no exception. You get loads of fastcore 

influenced stuff like WHO AM I, BANJAX, STANHANSEN or my favourites 

DEADLY FRIEND. You get traditional Jap-core hybrids like BREED, 

DISTURD, or DEUCE. You get straight forward hardcore Uke NAMASTE, 

who are one of the standouts on this comp. You get noise-core 

experimentation a la MELT BANANA from GEXODUS. And you also get 

the uncompromising emo violence of FOOD FOR THOUGHT. There is a 

great mixed bag here. 

(MCR Records / 157 Kamiagu / Maizuru / Kyoto 624-0913 / Japan) 

sItow listings 

FRTOAY SEPTEMBER 13TH @ Kathedral, All Ages - THE CLASS 


FRTOAY SEPTEMBER 13TH @ Innis College, 7:00 pm, Free - Fihn: 

The Royal Tenenbaums 

- Kung Fu Fridays - FRTOAY SEPTEMBER 13TH @ Royal Cinema, 

9:45 pm - Film: Operation Scorpio - Fai Yuk Su (Chin Kar Lok) is a 

comic book artist with his head in the clouds who gets involved in a 

real life adventure when he rescues a servant girl from a prostitution 
ring by the local gangsters. The gang boss' son is a master of the 
deadly Scorpion style so watch out! Korean martial artist Kim Won 
Jun flips, leaps, bounces, kicks and jumps with mind-boggling ease, 
standing out as an exciting and memorable screen villain. Fai seeks the 
guidance of several martial arts teachers who focus on different styles 
and invents the improv "Eel" style. The results are a funny, yet jaw- 
dropping dispaly of acrobatics and kinetic footwork. 
SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14th @ the penny arcade (rochester), 
SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15th @ Call for submissions deadline 
THIS IS BRAINWASH is the title for a screening of recent collage 
videos by local filmmakers on the theme of reconstructing 
propaganda. The works are comprised entirely of appropriated 
material which have been recontextualized to expose subliminal 
sinister intent. The screening is being hosted by Trinity Square Video 
(TSV) and curated by Bennett Jones-Phillips. It will be taking place in 
mid October in conjunction with Media Democracy Day 
( Submissions for inclusion should be 
dropped off at TSV, which is located at 35 McCaul St. Suite 415 c/o 
Scott by no later than September 15. The screening is limited to an 
hour so preference will be given to shorter works (under 15 minutes). 
(x-Rorschach / Undertow / Kiss it Goodbye), THE CURSED, 
MONDAY SEPTEMBER 16th @ State Control Records - 
REACHING FORWARD (Netherlands), Info: Ian - 
RememberToForgetS 1 

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20nd @ Innis College, 7:00 pm. Free - Film: 
The Gleaners and I 

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20nd @ Sonic Unyon, 7pm - TERROR (ex- 
buried alive, carry on), OUR WAR, A DEATH FOR EVERY SIN, 
THE PROMISE (ex-another victim, santa sangre), BLACK EYES 

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST @ Forward hall (Buffalo), $ 1 - 

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST @ The club at Water Street 
THE CONTROL. More info 

- Cult Movie Madness -THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26TH @ Royal 
Cinema, 9:00pm - Film: Repo Man 

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26TH @ Sonic Unyon, 7:00pm - 

- Kung Fu Fridays - FRTOAY SEPTEMBER 27th @ Royal Cinema, 
9:30pm - Film: Dead End of Beseigers - Filmed on location in 
Mainland China, D.O.B. stars Yu Rong Guang (Iron Monkey), as a 
Japanese swordsman who develops the art of karate. It's got baddie 
white guys, pirates and a beautiful, but deadly expert in the Dog-Fist 
style! The fight scenes use few wire and camera tricks, resulting in 
some astounding hand to hand and weapon combat sequences. Swords 
clang and fists crack bones, leading up to a climactic fight which starts 
during a mask festival only to move to the legendary Shaolin Temple. 

- Chicago-Fest - FRTOAY SEPTEMBER 27th and SATRUDAY 
SEPTEMBER 28th @ Pulaski Park Field House (1419 W Blackhawk 

at the comer of Noble) - CAUSTIC CHRIST, DBF CHOICE, 





SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH @ Kenmore Lanes (Buffalo) - 


FRIDAY OCTOBER 4TH @ Innis College, 7:00 pm. Free - Film: 

My Own Private Idaho 



TUESDAY OCTOBER 8TH @ Fredonia State, $3.00 - JELLO 

BIAFRA spoken word 

- Kung Fu Fridays - FRIDAY OCTOBER 11th @ Royal Cinema, 
9:45pm - Film: Prodigal Son Description: Considered to be the film 
with the most authentic depiction of the Wing Chun fighting style, 
this remains a firm classic with martial arts fans. Former Jackie Chan 
classmate Yuen Biao plays the spoiled son of an over-protective 
wealthy father who pays fighters to lose to his son. His bogus 
undefeated streak comes to an end when he tries to get tough with a 
traveling Peking Opera performer (Lam Ching Ying from Mr Vampire). 
Sobered up by the defeat, he pesters the performer until he agrees to 
take him on as a pupil. 

K.Y.T.E.S.- Toronto Anarchist Bookfair, movies, workshops.;. books 
e-mail: ^ 

SUNDAY OCTOBER 20TH @ 122 e. Center St (Medina) 
email adam at 

- Conflict Archives presents - THURSDAY OCTOBER 24TH @ 
Royal Cinema, 9:30 pm - Film: Necromancy - Orson Wells in a low 
budget occult flick with nude coven scenes? Kind of! A young couple 
named Lori and Frank (Pamela Franklin and SLAPSHOT's Michael 
Onkean) move to the small town of Lilith. There, they meet Cato 
(Orson Wells, wearing an obviously fake nose) who not only is the 
head of the town, he's the head of a sado-massochistic,satanic coven. 
Your red blood will turn icy cold in fear as Lori discovers that as she 
and her husband plummet deeper into the occult, she also has a gift 
that Cato is interested in. The power of Necromancy, the ability to 
bring the dead back to life! SEE the underbelly of the satanic cult, with 
it's devilish ceremonies, open caskets of rotting flesh, and terrifying 
dreams! Unlike other versions, the Halloween presentation has all the 
boobies during the coven scenes. More terrifying than real life! Orson 
Welles greatest performance since "Citizen Kane"! For those too 
terrified during the screening, grab a "Necromancy Protection Prayer 
Card" and some "Holy Water" during the screening in the lobby. Intro 
by Dion Conflict, and "Boo-tiful treat bags" for early patrons. THEE 
Halloween film event of the season. You think it's TERROR-RIFIC! 

- Kung Fu Fridays - FRIDAY OCTOBER 25th @ Royal Cinema, 
9:45pm- Film: Mr. Vampire (see description on back page) 

- Deathfest - SATURDAY OCTOBER 26th and SUNDAY 
OCTOBER 27th @ Classic Roxx (1 1 82 Walden ave, noon. $10 a day. 
$16 for both) - Buffalo -BOSS TRIBAL, 1000 DEMONS, KID 
MONDAY NOVEMBER IITH @ tba - SELFISH (from Finland) 

If there is a show that you know about that isn 't on this list, please 
forward it onto us at equalizingxdistort<^.ciutfm 


SELFISH are touring Canada and 7 
will try and record or play a live 
session for the radio show. 
DeadAlive Records will be 
releasing their next release to 
coincide with their North American 
tour and is to be called "Cry for L 
Love, Cry for Death" * The selfish from Finland 
DUMBSTRUCK re-issue will 

have an extra unreleased track on it * DS- 13 just broke up, but their LP 
on Deranged - entitled "No One is Going to Thank You When You're 

Dead" will be their last release * KNIFE 
FIGHT feature two members from 
LIFE'S HALT, the ex-drummer of 
FIELDS OF FIRE, and the guitarist of 
SHARK ATTACK. Just trying to keep 
this all straight in my head * A BLACK 
FLAG tribute record to be entitled 
"Rise Above" is being compiled by 
Rollins with proceeds being raised for 
the West Memphis Three. Artists to appear on the release include 
Lemmy, Chuck D, the CIRCLE JERKS, Iggy Pop, Exene, Ice T, Chuck 
Dukowski, and Kira * TXvo members from SHANK have a side project 
called NATION OF FINKS and they have a demo out * All live music at 
KYTES has been cancelled due to noise complaints. There goes another 
great All Ages space * Two of the members from INFEST have a new 
band going called LOW THREAT PROFILE (check the "Reality Part 4 
comp), INFEST fans should really track down any of their material * 
Ignatius has folded * With the demise of Slap A Ham, SHORT, FAST + 
LOUD! was pretty much dead in the water but JEFF ROBINSON and 
ATHENA KAUTSCH, who do Six Weeks Records and are zine 
contributors, will keep SHORT, FAST + LOUD! going. Issue #9 will be 
the next issue out * Busted Heads is releasing a BORN DEAD ICONS 
split with a band named COMA. They also have a MUNICIPAL WASTE 
ep coming out. Is it my imagination or did MUNICIPAL WASTE break 
up while on their recent tour * The INFEST LP is out, unreleased studio 
stuff * CAVALRY are a new band from Chicago featuring members of 
NEMA, RI.TR, DEARBORN SS, and other greats * HUMAN WASTE 
from Sweden, the band with the great discography on Hardcore 
Holocaust, will have a brand new ep out in September called "From 
Generation to Generation" * John MacDonald, singer of LEGION666, 
has just joined the ranks of the Aggressive Rok crew on CKLN. He will 
be a welcomed addition to punk programming in this city * Steve Wiltse 
of OUR WAR has just done his first issue of a new zine called Town of 
Hardcore, To get a copy write 1458 Reynolds Ave / Burlington, ON / 
L7M 3B7 * I think the Toronto comp that Schizophrenic Records is 
putting out is called 'Toronto City Omnibus", after the Japanese Omnibus 
comps, maybe * SCARE TACTIC have just recorded 5 new songs, four 
of which will go to this Toronto comp * The next 5Cr re-issue will be 
the "First Strike" comp due out on labour day - the same time as this 
issue * The DEAD ONES will be doing a split with DEATHSQUAD. 
The DEAD ONES have a NEGATIVE FX cover coming out on a double 
ep put out by the Gen from RUIDO and other bands to appear on this 
an all-star line-up * THE AFTERMATH, from DC, will have an ep out 
on Sick of Talk Records called "The Dumb and Unaware" anytime this 
fall * The POLIDICKS have anew CD coming out on Wounded Paw * 
The CURSED are recording an LP for Deathwish Records that will be 
engineered by Billy Anderson, the same guy that did NEUROSIS, 
just broke up * 

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH, 9:45 pm - Film: Operation Scorpio - Fai Yuk 
Su (Chin Kar Lok) is a comic book artist with his head in the clouds who gets 
Involved In a real life adventure when he rescues a servant girl from a 
prostitution ring by the local gangsters. The gang boss' son is a master of the 
deadly Scorpion style so watch outi Korean martial artist Kim Won Jun flips, 
leaps, bounces, kicks and jumps with mind-boggling ease, standing out as an 
exciting and memorable screen villain. Fai seeks the guidance of several 
martial arts teachers who focus on different styles and Invents the improv 
"Eel" style. 

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27th, 9:30pm - Film: Dead End of ^seigers - Filmed 
on location In Mainland China, D.O.B. stars Yu Rong Guang (Iron Monkey), 
as a Japanese swordsman who develops the art of karate. Ifs got baddie 
white guys, pirates and a beautiful, but deadly expert In the Dog-Fist style! 
The fight scenes use few wire and camera tricks, resulting in some 
astounding hand to hand and weapon combat sequences. Swords clang and 
fists crack bones, leading up to a climactic fight which starts during a mask 
festival only to move to the legendary Shaolin Temple. 

FRIDAY OCTOBER 11th, 9:45pm - Film: Prodigal Son Description: 
Considered to be the film with the most authentic depiction of the Wing Chun 
fighting style, this remains a firm classic with martial arts fans. Former Jackie 
Chan classmate Yuen Biao plays the spoiled son of an over-protective 
wealthy father who pays fighters to lose to his son. His bogus undefeated 
streak comes to an end when he tries to get tough with a traveling Peking 
Opera perfomier (Lam Ching YIng from Mr Vampire). Sobered up by the 
defeat, he pesters the performer until he agrees to take him on as a pupil. 

FRIDAY OCTOBER 25th, 9:45pm - Film: Mr. Vampire ■ This film is a 
beloved favourite among fans of horror, classic campy thrillers and Hong 
Kong cinema. Lam Ching-Ying (The Peking Opera kung fu master from The 
Prodigal Son) is a Taoist kung fu master who must stop one student from 
failing in love with a beautiful ghost and the other from rotting away from a 
vampire bite, ail the while terrorized by the unique Chinese hopping 

J 'fiy-'^y*fl^"»v>t^ 

cm available with 12 tracks recGrdad live from 
the radio show. It captures alt the live energy of 
one of Toronto's best *77 style punk bands, with 
a studio recording. 

Copies are available for $U.S. 10.00 ppd / 
$ Cdnl2.QQ to : 

Nerve Damage 2{ecords 

c/o Mark 2lodenhi2;er 

2 Bloor Street West. Suite 100. Box 477 

Toronto. OIU 

M4W 3E2 


Make cheques or money orders payable to Mark. 
I^roceeds from the sale of this CD are being 
donated to ClUT. 

Dion Co 

1 0.^4 


1'->.fl4| -— i|.-*P' 
■ I, .n I _.v _ 

X..J.,^JMi!liJbMJ> l'i'l^i1»tit'^iKd^'li'lillL^:i'i.l.